Butterfly Feeder

Prep time: 20 Minutes

Cooking time: N/A

Difficulty: Easy

Makes A Beautiful Butterfly Feeder!

Butterfly Feeder

We're not the only creatures that love sugar! Its really easy to make a butterfly feeder!


You will need:

  • Granulated Sugar
  • Water
  • Plate with a sloping rim
  • Household string
  • Coloured sponges (we find scouring pads are great)
  • Pens/ Paints (optional) to decorate

Preparation method

Here’s how to make a butterfly feeder to attract more butterflies to your garden this summer.


First mix 4 parts water to 1 part sugar. Boil till the sugar dissolves, then let the solution cool.


Next take a plate or dish with a sloping rim and hang  from the bough of a shady tree –  you can make a holder with household string.

– We used a plastic plate and punched holes in where we threaded the string through to form the holder , but an alternative is to loop the string under the plate to form a cradle. 


Then put brightly coloured  sponges in the dish with the liquid butterfly food solution to give butterflies a resting place while they drink. 


Butterflies love bright colours so decorate your feeder too and watch while they enjoy their food.

Top tips

We used granulated sugar in the recipe, but you can use any type of sugar! 

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