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Whitworths Sugar to the rescue…

If you are making a soup or sauce and the bottom of the pan catches a little and gives your sauce a slightly bitter/burnt taste, try adding a teaspoon or two of Whitworths brown sugar!

If the sauce isn’t too burnt this will work a treat and is definitely worth a try! Whitworths Light Soft Brown or Demerara are ideal for this!

Lemon Sugar Scrub

Makes 2 x 165ml pots (one each for you and a  friend). It will keep for up to a month! 

220g Whitworths Golden Granulated Sugar
110ml Olive oil
Zest of a lemon 

Mix all the ingredients together and use as an invigorating, exfoliating foot scrub. Rinse well after use.

Top Tips

Simply place all the ingredients together in a large bowl and mix well. And that’s it – the scrub is ready to use. For best results soak your feet in warm water before applying. Towel dry then gently massage the scrub in, leaving for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly in warm water.